Why does scientific proof not outweigh spiritual belief?

Science can be a form of religion, as much as any other belief out there. It takes faith to believe all meaning of life can only be explained under a microscope, without factoring a super power into the equation. If science is approached as a religion, its followers also need a savior, since all human beings fall short of God’s glory (Rom 3:23).

On the contrary, those who believe in God do not believe that science approached properly contradicts spiritual belief. Followers of Christ believe that when science is used to seek the truth, it can enhance our understanding of God’s world, because it shows the expanse, magnitude and majesty of God and the complexity of His mind when He created this intricate, beautiful and sometimes downright humorous world. (Isaiah 40: 12 – 26; 45: 5 – 13; Job 38: 1 ff; Psalm 104.)

Science deals with the tangible – what you can see (whether through a microscope, or bare eyes), what you can touch and what you can smell – and it satisfies the intellect. Godly faith deals with the intangible, the invisible – the human soul (Matthew 10: 28). It is not wise for science to argue that whatever can’t be proven in a laboratory is not real. Faith in God’s power is what makes the invisible visible (Hebrew 11: 1). Jesus used the wind to illustrate the Spirit (John 3: 5 – 8). We all know the wind exists, but we can’t touch it. One preacher expanded further on this concept: no one can see the wind, but we can all see its effect when it blows tree branches, or lifts up a piece of paper, or debris (emphasis added).

In 2006 while driving back from San Diego over Valentine’s weekend, a replay of an old sermon of Evangelist Billy Graham was on the radio. Dr. Graham used the example of a mother’s love. We all know that our mothers love us, at least, those of us who are, or were, blessed with loving mothers. He asked a rhetorical question, “How can you prove the love of a mother in a laboratory?” The simple answer is you can’t. On the other hand, just because we can’t prove a mother’s love under a microscope, does that mean a mother’s love is not real? So it is with God and God’s love. We see evidence that God exists, we experience His love, but we can’t prove His existence in a test-tube.

The closest human beings ever came to feeling and touching God was Jesus Christ on earth, Jesus Christ on the cross and Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead – with scars where nails had been hammered into His flesh, for our sake (Luke 24: 35 – 48).

Let’s say you come to a dark house, on a cold, freezing winter night and all you have is a candle, which someone told you will help you; but your friend has a permanent solution and gives you instructions on how you can meet your need.

“There’s a switch on the right hand wall, as you enter. It’ll turn on both the light and the heat,” your friend tells you, as you’re entering the house.
“That’s a dumb idea, I don’t believe in electricity,” you reply, shivering.
“Well, turn on the switch, and the light will come on,” your friend coaxes you.
“No. I don’t believe in electricity. I don’t believe it exists.”
“Well, how will you know, unless you turn on the switch?”
“No, no, no! I don’t touch that stuff,” you emphatically refuse.
“It’s already paid for, all you need to do is turn on the switch and you’ll bask in a warm, lighted room.”
“Go away. Leave me alone! I don’t believe in that stuff. It’s all a fable anyway!”

Your friend leaves and you continue to sit in the cold, dark room, watching your one candle light flicker, hoping it will last the night.

Unless you stir yourself, and turn on the switch, you will sit in the cold, dark room and freeze, when all along, you could’ve had a warm, lighted room, free of charge. The switch that will bring you the Light is the Name of Jesus Christ and the Light is Jesus Christ himself (John 12: 46).

Science used properly should be a complement to spiritual faith; used as an end in itself, it becomes a religion that emphasizes the human intellect above all else. All intelligence originates with God, the Creator. It takes more faith to believe the world just exploded into existence, than it does to believe some Super Being, must have brought everything into existence and put the universe in order.

Bible References: Psalm 14: 1 (a), Psalm 111:10

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